I have finally done it!! I have started my own food blog after years of putting it off!! What a year it has been so far, newly married, a new position as an adjunct professor of voice and Italian, launching a new creative venture with my wonderful husband. It has been a whirlwind and one that has had great challenges. Juggling all of this is quite a feat and one that I take on with great love, passion and at times great anxiety.

Lars ( my fabulous Dane and hubby) and I have also taken on a weekend gig of cooking some of our signature Italian dishes at a local Italian restaurant. We offer one appetizer and one main dish. On Sunday we cook for the owners and their family when the chef is off. It is truly an amazing opportunity to try out our traditional Italian recipes and see if they sell to the paying customer. This past weekend was a beautiful Risotto with porcini mushrooms and a zesty traditional lasagna Bolognese with hand made noodles. It was a huge amount of work but so much fun and it is completely satisfying to see your hard work pay off. 3/4 of the Lasagna sold that night and to rave reviews. In just two weeks the word of our hand made lasagna has spread and guests now come just to enjoy that dish.